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Langain Aya, The White Foxx: Mad Foxy Tinkerer and Explorer, Daughter of the late Professor Ingram Von Aya. Self Exiled Contessa. I make things go BOOM!!! Kicked out of the Redwallian Royal Aetheric Society for accidentally blowing up an observatory, I now make my way through the world with completely independant Expeditions, and experimentation.

Friday, April 3, 2009

pressganged into an airship crew

Well, i'm now the captian/pilot/mechanic/henchfox of Proff. Grendel Footman's airship, the Oroboros III.
He's allowed me to live on the airship, (currently moored in New Babbage Palisades), in exchange for working as part of his crew (his only crewmember so far), I've been given a bed in the cargohold, (actually a pillow and pile of sheets over a crate) and have been indoctrinated into his new club, Ordo Apcicontri-something latin sounding.

So i've been living around New Babbage for now, and seem to miss most of what's going on, such as the sky angel, the dinosaur hunt, the random fires, even the unreality bombs.

But I had entered a machine into a contest for the Oiler Day, the God of Coffee, a large, 30 ton coffe machine that brews the perfect cup. I didn't win, but hopefully noone who looked at the entries, went away without a steamy cup of coffee!


I've also was followed a few nights ago as i was shopping for more apparel, I wasn't quite sure, but I kept watching my back, finally leading my persuer into the stockyard, where i then drew my derringer. It turned out to be a large female reptillian creatre wearing rags, I had heard of the end of the dinosaur hunt, how the raptor was apparently beginning to mutate somehow, and had last been seen falling into the canals, it was quite possible she had somehow evolved (and this is coming from a humanoid fox, so anything is possible). She had called me food, speaking very slowely and childish, I corrected her with my derringer, i was NOT 'food'! then she proceeded to follow me around the city as I shopped, I finally took some time, to take her aside and try teaching her basic manners, such as not to refer to people as 'food'. then a train came by and seemed to scare her as she ran off. it was a very interesting evening, that's for sure!

((and again, i forget to take plenty of pictures!! aarrgh!!))

Monday, November 17, 2008

A visit with Mr. Footman

I had recently gone to visit Mr. Grendel Footman at his new home in new babbage.
It was an...interesting place.

We sat in his study discussing his research and inventions, apparently Mr. Footman is "seeking scientific solutions to supernatural

All was fine and good until we got into a heated debate on samophlanges.
somehow the argument led to me in handcuffs.Once I sat back on his worktable, he seemed to relax and offered to show me his new gun turret.

I was eventually able to escape and turn the tides (the gunshot to the head wasn't THAT painful, he assures me later)
Once tempers cooled, we relaxed in the sitting room, as he told me about his ideas for something he calls
'the footman Foundation"

a group to help with New Babbage's supernatural problems (vampires, werewolves, mummies, evil villans in tophats,
((Grendel assures me he's not actually a villian himself, just 'rides the fence'))and the like) and his hopes
to join his 'Footman Foundation' with Foxxworks, (as he himself has said, he really enjoy's my quadbarreled shotgun, but I didn't have the heart to tell him Foxxworks is in hiatus until I can manage to find a new place to land).
as we sat and sipped absinthe, he has to eventually leave for sleep, but invited me to stay in his loft as long as I'd like.
the skull on the desk soo gave me the shivers, so alas, I left back to my Highwind was moored. for some much needed rest.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well, After i found all my Halloween pictures missing, I revisited one of the haunted spots, Devil's Labrynth (also the only one NOT taken down already)
It's a rather imposing castle, with large iron doors. When you enter, there's a small lobby as you wait for the next door to unlock, letting you enter a room where you choose a path, I took the Incubus path.....

odd leaving a skull around

This woman chased me down the hall with an axe! then, she vomited blood on me!An evil church, I took a seat on the most comfortable looking chair there (and far away from the evil looking robed preist)

Somehow the journey sent me to the sewers??
An odd room, I had the feeling I was being watched......

An odd book telling me to folow, the Necronomicon's half brother perhaps?

Note to self, never follow strange books...
Locked away, without even a trial

This room looks pleasant enough
if just a little evilWhy do I always have to touch strange objects??

of all the times to forget my parachute

The fall seemed to leave me in some strange cavern
two plinths, wich one to chooseI chose the wrong one...

Somehow, Hell must have gotten it's paperwork lost, because it sent me plummeting back down to the plinths, I took the other one this time, for more pleasant surroundings.
Unfortunatly, in Heaven, they're paperwork was NOT lost, as I was sent again, plummeting into lava. Passing out from the heat (damage WAS on in this area), I awoke to find myself at the entrance, maybe it was all a dream...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Visiting the circus

After the dissapointment of finding all my photos of the past month and a half gone, I visited the new circus opening soon in New Babbage. It was mostly empty, and no shows were preforming, I did however meet one of the organists and his friend (and their pet rat), Mr. Ichabod String and Mr. Jyskel Radek, and had a nice conversation about the circus, New Babbage, missing werewolves, and sporadic dances that make you either look drunk, or half mad. They both eventually had to leave, so i took the oppertunity to look around the huge main tent, once it's open, it should certaintly be an interesting show!

a chance meeting under the bigtop
I can play the organ! No! not THAT organ! get your mind out of the gutter!
Tuckered out?
yes, the tent has BIG wheels!

Halloween and other explorations

I had a whole slew of pictures, but they were deleted by mistake.

I spent Halloween as I usually do, exploring. I found a secret area in Caledon under the Steamsky City that was swarming with zombies, went to a haunted girl's school (where I got a whole bunch of new clothes for free ^.^) and had a discussion with Prof. Footman about his plans for something called a footman foundation as I looked around his new home in New Babbage.
I also watched a fashion show in Caledon, and might possibly be in another friend's fashion show myself, And I played the part of a damsel in distress for a machinema.

As I said, I had lots of pictures, that all were deleted =(

(seriously, I searched my harddrive, external harddrive, jump drives, everything, they're all gone *cries*)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A few weeks ago, there was a charity ball for the gimpgirl group and victorians with disabilities group on SL, with lots of dancing (including wheelchair and tiny dances) music by Radio Reil and a general good time by all, and they managed to raise a pretty good amount of money as well from what I hear :) .










even the tinys got into it.

If you want to know more about gimpgirl, check out

Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the Road Again

I've gotten notification that Gnarli will be selling Greystroke by next week, so I've been packing things up and looks like I will once again be nomadic, fortunatly this time I have plenty of ships and all to travel Caledon in. Until I sort out what I'll be doing myself, I don't beleive I'll be working on any large scale building projects for now. for now I'll focus back on what I've been doing since I first came to Caledon, exploring the sites :) so here's some pictures of greystroke as it is now, without any theme (never did do the whole earth to the moon thing) but just nice views.
once I retreive my external drive, i'll upload pictures of the last big theme of greystroke, Gnarli's nile tour.

Thank You Gnarli for letting me live and build here ^.^